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1. West End Girls (BBC Top Of The Pops)
2. Love Comes Quickly (BBC Top Of The Pops)
3. Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money) (Old Grey Whistle Test)
4. Suburbia (BBC Top Of The Pops)
5. It's A Sin (BBC Top Of The Pops)
6. Rent (BBC Top Of The Pops)
7. Always On My Mind (BBC Top Of The Pops)
8. What Have I Done To Deserve This? (BRITS)
9. Heart (Wogan)
10. Domino Dancing (BBC Top Of The Pops)
11. Left To My Own Devices (BBC Top Of The Pops)
12. So Hard (Wogan)
13. Being Boring (BBC Top Of The Pops)
14. Can You Forgive Her? (BBC Top Of The Pops)
15. Liberation (BBC Top Of The Pops)
16. Paninaro '95 (BBC Top Of The Pops)
17. Se A Vida É (BBC Top Of The Pops 2)
18. A Red Letter Day (BBC Top Of The Pops)
19. Somewhere (BBC Top Of The Pops)
20. I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore (BBC Top Of The Pops)
21. New York City Boy (BBC Top Of The Pops)
22. You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk (BBC Top Of The Pops)
23. Home And Dry (BBC Top Of The Pops)
24. I Get Along (BBC Re:Covered)
25. Miracles (BBC Top Of The Pops)
26. Flamboyant (BBC Top Of The Pops)
27. I'm With Stupid (BBC Top Of The Pops)
28. Heart (Live At Glastonbury 2010)
29. Did You See Me Coming? (Live At Glastonbury 2010)
30. Love Etc. (Live At Glastonbury 2010)
31. Building A Wall (Live At Glastonbury 2010)
32. Go West (Live At Glastonbury 2010)
33. Two Divided By Zero (Live At Glastonbury 2010)
34. Why Don't We Live Together? (Live At Glastonbury 2010)
35. New York City Boy (Live At Glastonbury 2010)
36. Always On My Mind (Live At Glastonbury 2010)
37. Closer To Devices (Live At Glastonbury 2010)
38. Do I Have To? (Live At Glastonbury 2010)
39. King's Cross (Live At Glastonbury 2010)
40. Jealousy (Live At Glastonbury 2010)
41. Suburbia (Live At Glastonbury 2010)
42. What Have I Done To Deserve This? (Live At Glastonbury 2010)
43. All Over The World (Live At Glastonbury 2010)
44. Se A Vida É (Live At Glastonbury 2010)
45. Viva La Vida (Live At Glastonbury 2010)
46. It's A Sin (Live At Glastonbury 2010)
47. Being Boring (Live At Glastonbury 2010)
48. West End Girls (Live At Glastonbury 2010)


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